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by Pathos

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4 track e.p


released December 31, 2011

Recorded at The Lithe Paralogue Studio
Mix and Masterd by Jack Shirley from The Atomic Garden



all rights reserved


Pathos Singapore

Pathos is a five piece band from Singapore and they sure have stories to tell.

Bad Luck since 2011

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Track Name: Everything white turns black someday
Take me back to the days when things weren’t so dull,
Silence is golden, I’m waiting for life.
Searching this wounded life for something worth dying for.
Words are spoken, trees are trembling.
Sudden winds of despair, shaking my bones just shaking.
So hold me close and whisper the words.
Everyone knows, everything white turns black someday.
The trees are shaking, everything white will surely turn black someday.
And slowly we will rot away.
(The difference of both of them, is the same through my eyes. Everything white turns black someday)
The night will fade away, to the eye of the storm and will take us away.
Blow this horn, throw these bones.
Left us sinking dying alone.
Track Name: Summer
Take me back to those days when we were so happy
Oh summer I’m thankful
For the things you taught me
I will never forget you
I will never forget the things you have taught me
So let it be.
These two years that we have spent together
Timeless enemies will shine above all the wings.
Only time will tell the space so let it be.
So go on and leave me but I’m thankful autumn
Cause she has showed me the light.
The heat of the summer has shined so brightly in my eyes.
So I’m thankful for you, for being so honest and so true
Let me live on despair, where the sun will take me away to the far ends of this earth
Away from you.
Track Name: Cancer
Welcome to his grave, where his body lies in the ground
He’s all alone waiting to be woken up.
From his dream but all he hears are footsteps.
The sounds are drowning away, he sees the figure of light
He’s pulled away
From his body
All he sees are flashbacks of his life which were beautiful
On nights like this all I wanted was for you to be here with me.
Laughing away
When needles pin down my skin and spite.
I wish I could pull the plug and take away the pain, the suffering.
As the leaves fall to my hair, I recall moments stuck in time
Living on light from skyscrapers
When time take its toll desperation will cure it
And remedies, lifeless beings searching for something like the diamond in the ground
And all I’m left with are shared within myself. The laughter the smiles and tears
Are slowly fading. The trees are falling, I’m left with no one. I’m left with tears thinking about you
You were my comrade in arm left behind. All I wanted was you and me.
Track Name: Bright Days
Chin up and look on the bright side, don’t let the skies stab you.
Strengthen your shields, run wild in the field.
Strengthen the hull of your ship.
Only then can you protect yourself from the demons on the horizon.
Don’t let them climb your castle and wave your flags and shields.
Take back what’s lost, fight back
They will fall if you stay together like a pack of wolves riding the hills on the snowy tops.
Fighting the pain, holding you. Let up or you would slip up
(Every man, for himself. Familiar faces we forget)
Strive through the battlefield go towards your target.
Go burn the town, don’t waver.
Look through the battle plans.
Leave back your fears and move upon towards the sun.
Overcome everything, in your way
Fight them for all your honor and this chivalry will be knighted by the kings, the queens.
You will be just a bard and the countess will love you
You were fighting for your kingdom, fight for your castle.
And you will be rewarded with a calm river to lay by under the stars.